An open and cordial invitation to Jeff Storey

**A letter from an employee to Centurylink CEO Jeff Storey**

Mr Storey,

We would like to invite you to come to Central Florida and meet with the employees here who depend on their employment with Centurylink to provide for their families. It is obvious that you want most of us gone and favor automation and contractors. Before you continue down that path we would really appreciate you coming here and meeting us. Get to know us. Learn a little about us. See how these decisions affect lives. I’m sure you have laid off many in your positions with several companies. But at least give us the courtesy of coming here and meeting us. Let us show you our value. Not by a numbers system but by the work that we do and how we take care of the customers. Allow us to show you that management locally is a major part of the problem.

We feel like its the right thing to do. Come over and meet us…

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