2 thoughts on “Bargaining 2020 has begun!”

  1. It is clear during this round of bargaining Centurylink wants to turn back the clock on several CWA’s key issues. Contracting, Call out pay, Juridicational. Putting profits over employees. This company is valued at 23 billion dollars, All we want is a piece of the pie. After all, its the employees who make this company profitable. We need to let the public know how they treat the employees

    1. This is our call to action, it’s time to say NO MORE to corporate America’s overpaid CEOs. They continue to say the front line employees are the problem when they are the ones that run the company and make the big decisions. Stand together join the campaign let your voice be heard, we are mobilizing the Southeast locals that serve CTL and we will let the company know that we are united we stand together as one.
      Communication Workers of America Local 3176

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