Bargaining Update #4

An impassioned discussion was held today expressing the concerns of the membership how all the archaic and regressive proposals the company has on the table place no value on the employee but show that the company employee is a drain on the business. The entire bargaining team spoke loud and clear about our concerns that we have with safety issues related to the COVID 19 response providing PPE, the L2S program, contractor job assignment, working conditions, pay increases, and tech expectations. They continue to demand we give 110% all the time with no regard for our safety or our family and it is clear that the company sees our concerns as inconsequential to them and that a higher profit margin is the end goal of this bargaining session. 

We are planning on meeting tomorrow with the company at 1:00 PM to continue bargaining and we are moving forward with mobilization with the petition drive as well as a mobile billboard sign that will be traveling down Hwy 436 in front of the CenturyLink Headquarters building.

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