L2S is here to help us?

Here is a leaked email that was sent to us today. And L2S is here to help us become better technicians?

Managers who wish to submit information to us may do so anonymously. While we may know your name it will not be given to anyone! You can comment on any post here that only we will see as we manually approve each comment. Please leave a contact email or phone number for us to contact you. Or you can email us at admin@centurylinkdoesnotcare.com. You are welcome to send with PGP encryption. The key for this email address is listed in the MIT key database.

And to the person who sent us this. We have blurred all personal information and removed all EXIF data from the picture so no one will know where it came from. And we did not view the data before we removed it.

6 thoughts on “L2S is here to help us?”

    1. Management at this company is a joke. These assholes don’t know what the fuck they are doing. Contract everything and screw the employees. Who cares if they don’t have a job.

  1. They started to plan L2S terminations last march. They already had targets in mind—–some of the targets left leaving the others now in range of targeting –It was clear what they planned to do. They are tasked with having —- somebody in the cross hairs at all times for “self preservation” particularly the SRO group . they are in the middle . They may understand your side of things but they need to pay for Boats, cars, houses, braces, etc etc. Just like you —-and when it happens they will even turn on each other.

  2. All hail Jeff Storey our supreme leader. We shall worship him and his team of leaders. We are pond scum compared to them. Bow and worship the great supreme leader. Millions of dollars a year shall be bestowed upon him. He alone is worthy of our praise. Statues shall be erected in his likeness. He shall go down in history as the one who smashed the technicians like the bugs that they are. All hail our powerful leader and his bitches who negotiate for him. Let it be written let it be done.

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