CenturyLink: Honor your promise and protect our jobs.

Brothers and Sisters,

The company has held a promise for over 46 years that they will always protect the union workers jobs from being cut in favor of outside contractors. But, since the merger of CenturyLink and Level 3, Jeff Storey has made movements to weaken the unions and replaces those workers with contractors. Enough is enough and its time we all say loudly that we will not standby quietly as we see our jobs removed which hurt our families but also our customers.

Can you join me and take action?

Click here: https://actionnetwork.org/petitions/centurylink-honor-your-promise-and-protect-our-jobs


A view from the bargaining table

So, I just wanted to give everyone my opinion of what is happening at the bargaining table with CenturyLink. First off, its clear that the company is leveraging the COVID-19 pandemic to their advantage to try and force the membership to accept ALL THE COMPANY TAKE AWAYS without truly bargaining. I have attend negotiations for the last 8 years and I have NEVER seen the company outright reject EVERY PROPOSAL the union has presented. Ive seen some tough negotiations session with the company, but they are actually using the fact that the state of Florida has a no gathering policy in place as a strategy to force their will because we cant, by lawful decree, gather to picket. This is why we must use other strategies, such as public notifications, to get the company to understand that their dirty and disgusting tactics are immoral and unethical and place the employees and its customers in harms way all for larger profit margins. its like dealing with a work baron from the 1930’s.

All we want is a fair contract with job protections and a fair wage. We are not trying to be a drain on the company. We want to see it succeed as everyone benefits from that success. The way I look at it, if the company can afford to pay one person $35 million dollars a year in just their base salary, they can give a sliver of that pie to our members. But at all cost, the company should ensure safety and job security to all its employees. Having highly qualified employees provide exceptional customer service is a bigger profit driver that using contractors who have zero loyalty to the company as they “are here today, gone tomorrow.”

Standby strong and standby unified.

Wes Kirby – Vice President CWA 3176