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  1. Below is the cost to the company of the President and Chief Operating Officer for Centurylink.
    1. Annual Base Salary: $1,800,000 per year, effective on the Promotion Date (as in effect from time to time, the “Base Salary”
    2. Annual Target Short-Term Incentive (“STI”): annual target STI opportunity of 200% of Base Salary ($3,600,000), effective on the Promotion Date.
    3. Aircraft Use. During your employment as CEO, CenturyLink will provide corporate aircraft for your personal and business use.
    4. Long-Term Incentive Awards (“LTI”). You will be eligible to receive long-term incentive compensation under the CenturyLink LTI Program (the “LTI Program”) Annual Target Long-Term Incentive (“LTI”): annual target LTI opportunity of 700% of Base Salary ($12,600,000).
    5. One-time Promotion Grant of $7,400,000. In connection with your promotion to CEO, you will receive a one-time LTI award with a grant date target value of $7,400,000 (the “Promotion Grant”)
    Somehow this is what I would consider overkill when the company is cutting corners to be profitable, how is it that one person is given such an extravagant compensation package, as a concerned shareholder there has to be something wrong when a COO makes more than the entire executive board combined, who made the decision and why has no one ask this question.

    Information provided by CenturyLink Inc.

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